How to manage

the A and B wedding guest list

how to manage the A and B wedding guest list


Oh, the guest list! Drafting a wedding guest list is one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding. Where do you draw the line with everyone’s families, extended families, friends and co-workers? You definitely don’t want to go broke by trying to please everyone. So one solution is the A and B wedding guest list. Of course this can be tricky to navigate as you don’t want feelings to get hurt or people to think they weren’t important enough to make the A list. So to assist you, we put together some tips on how to manage the A and B wedding guest list.

The ultimate guest list:

First off we suggest making the ultimate guest list! What if space and budget weren’t an issue, who would you include on your big day? Be sure to discuss with both set’s of parents to see if they have a few friends they would like to invite as well. For this first draft, everyone is invited.

how to manage the A and B wedding guest list.

Revise and break it down:

Now as a couple you need to revise the list and break it down. You need to have the B list ready to go from the beginning. Make sure that when you create your B list the groups match accordingly. You don’t want to invite half your co-workers on the A list then the other half on the B list. People talk, and that’s how feelings get hurt. We recommend putting all of the same group on one list. It just makes more sense on how to manage the A and B wedding guest list.

Order invitations accordingly:

Other tips on how to manage the A and B wedding guest list is to order extra invitations from the start. It will save time and money down the road (ordering in larger quantities is generally cheaper). You also need to consider the RSVP date. Make sure that the A list has one RSVP deadline and the B list another. People will know something is up if they only have 1 week to respond! To accommodate this send the A list invites earlier than usual. We recommend sending them 10 weeks out from the wedding. This will allow the first round of guest to respond to the first RSVP deadline. Allowing you time to send the B list invites approximately 6 weeks out with the second RSVP deadline.

Out of towner’s get early invites:

Out of town guests have a lot more to consider when it comes to attending a wedding. Out of courtesy they should always get earlier notice, however in this case you can hope that earlier notice will also provide you with an earlier RSVP. Another great way to see if you have spots to invite more friends or family to the party!

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