Getting married in Manitoba

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Wedding planning can be challenging, but we are here to help.  Allow us to guide you through how to purchase a marriage license and how to submit all the paperwork after the fact. Here is everything you need to know about legally getting married in Manitoba.


getting married in manitoba

How to obtain a marriage license in Manitoba

In order to purchase a license in Manitoba both parties must be present and come prepared with ID for proof of age. Acceptable documents for identification can include:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Passport or US Passport Card
    • Citizenship Certificate (Canadian or United States)
    • Canada Immigration documents
    • Canadian Armed Forces Identification Card
    • Government of Canada Indian Status Card
    • Fire Arms Card
    • Driver’s Licence (photo ID) with one of the following:
      • Manitoba Health Card
      • Senior Citizen Card
      • Change of Name Certificate
      • Employee Card (with birth date)
      • Social Insurance Card


If you’re getting married in Manitoba you must purchase a marriage license no earlier then 3 months prior to the wedding date and no less than 24hrs prior to the ceremony. You must be single, divorced or a person who’s spouse is deceased.


Who sells marriage licenses

You can purchase marriage licenses from numerous business throughout Manitoba from any registered marriage license issuer or from the City’s Clerk Department. We always recommend contacting the person to arrange an appointment to ensure they have licenses on hand and have the time to meet with you. You can find the most up to date list of issuer’s here.

Applying for your marriage certificate (No this does not automatically get sent to you!)

Once the ceremony is complete your officiant (or the person who married you) is responsible for sending in the marriage license using the returned stamped envelope provided within 5 days of the wedding. Once vital stats has received proof of marriage you can apply for a certificate – this does not get sent automatically.

Once you apply, this will take between 8 – 12 weeks to arrive depending on the time of year and the volume of applications being processed. You can opt for a rushed service which takes 5 – 8 business days.

Update your personal information with you new last name if applicable

Once your license has been submitted and you’ve received your marriage certificate you might need to update your personal information if you intend on taking your spouse’s last name or hyphenating your name. In order to do so, your marriage certificate may be required. Here are some of the most common items that will need to be adjusted:

  • Passport
  • Social Insurance number
  • Drivers license
  • Credit cards
  • Autopac
  • Financial institutions (banks, credit cards, life insurance etc.)
  • Service Canada
  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • Land titles
  • Health Insurance
  • Update social Media
  • Employer
  • Utilities
  • Memberships
  • Life insurance
  • Legal Will
  • Inform your child’s school

For more information and up to date facts we suggest visiting Vital Statics.