Hair and makeup schedule

How to stay on time

 When it comes to the timing of events, leave the timeline and scheduling to the professionals. Between us and your bridal glam squad, we will make sure you have enough time to enjoy, get photos, relax and get any needed touch ups before you’re on your way. Follow these tips to have a seamless morning and dare I say, have time to spare on your wedding morning.

Send your hairstylist and makeup artist inspiration photos

hair and makeup schedule

When it comes to the bride we always recommend doing a hair and makeup trial prior to the wedding. This can be done for your social, bridal shower or bachelorette party. Investing in a trial run is worth it! This ensures you and your stylist and makeup artist are on the same page on your wedding day.

But when it comes to the bridal party, a trial isn’t always an option. We suggest that the bridal party each send 1 picture of hair and makeup inspiration to the glam squad ahead of time. This way the stylist and artist can prepare accordingly and also ensure that the timeline you created aligns with the requests you have.

Create a getting ready timeline (with flexibility)

Hair and makeup schedule

We can’t stress it enough, timing is everything! Always ensure you ask your wedding party to arrive 30min prior to hair and makeup starting, this way if anyone is running late it’s not derailing your timing. Always check in with your hair and makeup artist, but the general rule of thumb is 45min for hair and 45 min for makeup for the bridal party. When it comes to the bride allow for 60 min for each. This will help ensure your hair and makeup schedule run on time.

As the bride it’s your responsibility to decide who will go in what order, no one wants to go first, so eliminate the option by creating the schedule ahead of time. We always recommend the bride is scheduled in the middle, this way you’re not rushed and can get a quick touch up at the end. And remember to remain flexible, some bridesmaids will take longer than others, and the stylist or artist might switch things up if necessary.

Consider having 2 stylists and makeup artists

Hair and makeup schedule

Is your ceremony mid morning? Are you having a first look followed by afternoon photos? Do you have 6+  ladies getting ready? If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then you might need to ask your makeup artist and hairstylist to bring an assistant. When each vendor brings an assistant you are cutting your getting ready time in half. This will be the difference between getting ready at 6:00am vs. 9:00am…. and who wants to get ready at 6:00am??

Choose the right space to get ready

Be mindful when deciding to get ready at your house or booking a hotel. You need to ensure you have enough space for everyone to move freely and not be cramped. Keeping in mind you could have 2 stylist + 2 makeup artist + 1 photographer + videographer in addition to your wedding party (and possibly parents). That’s a lot of people in one space. You don’t want people tripping over one another.

Always make sure you have a window in the room for the makeup artist. Getting ready with natural light is always best. It’s also important to factor in the background that will be in all the photos. Make sure it’s as neutral and as clean as possible. No one wants a dirty laundry basket in the background of their photos.

My final tip is always hire professionals to do the job! Nothing beats experience, knowledge and professionalism. If you’re unsure who to hire always ask for recommendations and review planners’ preferred vendor lists. We have the opportunity to work with hundreds of vendors and can make recommendations based on your style, budget and overall needs.