Tent Wedding Tips

Tips for the Coveted Tent Wedding Ahhh the beautiful backyard tent wedding, so much easier and more cost effective... *record scratch*  This is a common misconception about tent weddings because in reality they are MUCH harder to execute and there are so many extra details that need to be considered.  But don't worry we are [...]

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Wedding Reception Tips

Tips For Your Big Celebration- Your Wedding Reception You've made it through getting ready, your ceremony, photos, your cocktail hour and now it is time for the big party...your wedding reception!  Let's break down some of our top wedding reception tips to handle all of the practical elements of your big celebration! Photographer: Josh [...]

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5 Benefits to Hiring an Expert Team of Winnipeg Wedding Planners

We aren't a one-woman show, we are an expert team of Winnipeg Wedding Planners We're so excited you're here and about to make one of the biggest decisions to date... and it's not saying "I do", but it's actually hiring the right expert team of Winnipeg Wedding Planners! Below we're sharing 5 reasons why hiring [...]

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Winter wedding – should you have one?

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Summertime weddings are a favourite of many, but winter weddings shouldn’t be crossed off the list without thinking a few things through! Who knows, maybe one of these items below could change your mind and it truly could be your most wonderful time of the year!  Honestly, [...]

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