Do I need a Wedding Planner? What are the benefits of hiring a Wedding Planner?  What does a Wedding Planner do? You may be asking yourself these questions at the start of your wedding planning journey. We are going to breakdown all the top asked questions about why you need to have a Wedding Planner on your big day.

My venue comes with a venue coordinator, so why would I need a wedding planner?
why hire a wedding planner

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This is one of our top-asked questions. The Venue Coordinator is responsible for all logistics regarding the venue itself. They typically manage all venue-related tasks like facilitating the set up of tables and chairs, handling onsite catering and staff, managing bartenders, and technical operations like in-house lighting and AV systems if applicable. These duties can vary based on location as well.  Many venues don’t assist with logistics past food and beverage or manage additional set-ups, such as putting out any extra decor the couple may have. Wedding Planners, on the other hand, are responsible for managing the entire wedding experience.  They will look out for the couple’s needs and specific decor requirements and will ensure the wedding day is running smoothly.  Planners communicate and coordinate logistics with the venue, but also ensure all other vendors like photographers, florists, musicians, etc. are communicated with and on the same page throughout the day. They don’t just step in on the day of. Planners work with you well before the big day.

How do I determine if I need a Planner?

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We believe everyone should have a wedding planner on their wedding day in some capacity. Planners help keep couples at ease and make sure that they get to enjoy the day.  The type of service you need is based on your vision for the big day. Do you want assistance every step of the way or do you want to handle everything and pass it off to us a few weeks prior to the big day?

Wedding planning can take up to 200-300 hours, this almost works out to a full time job. If you live a busy lifestyle and want assistance throughout the entire 12- 18 month wedding planning process, you might want to choose a Full Planning service.  Full Planning services help plan everything from start to finish for the wedding day. More of what is included in these packages will be answered in the next question! If you have planned most of your wedding and just need help with the timing, logistics, and execution of the wedding day itself, Month of Coordination is the perfect fit for you.  There is a package out there for every couple to have the support they need on their wedding day!

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?
why hire a wedding planner

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Wedding planners are here to keep you on track. Depending on what type of package you select, the scope of what they do can change. If you pick a Full Planning service, they will help you with location and vendor selection, event design and floor plan creation, managing your budget, and have unlimited communication with you. They will also conduct check-in meetings throughout the planning process to make sure everything is staying on track. Full planning clients will get access to exclusive vendor discounts, which can help save you hundreds of dollars! They will also be there on your big day managing vendor and decor set-ups, handling any emergencies that pop up, and making sure everything is running on time. They are here to make sure you enjoy your day and not stress! For Month of Coordination clients, they typically step in 6 weeks before the wedding day. Planners will take over all vendor communications from this point forward and make sure nothing is missed! This also includes unlimited email communications, timeline creation for your wedding day, and setting up any personal decor you may have so your friends and family don’t have to work on the day.

How do I know if I am hiring a professional?
why hire a wedding planner

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There are a few things you can do to make sure you are hiring a professional wedding planner. Check out their Google reviews and see if any family, friends, or even vendors can offer you a referral for a planner who has worked with them in the past. Referrals and Google reviews are a great way to see how they have worked with previous couples. You will also want to check how many years they have been in business and if they have a list of preferred vendors whom they work with. Having a list of preferred vendors means they have vetted these vendors and trust them to do an amazing job on your wedding day. Make sure they also have a team of people (Lead Coordinators) who can help with your wedding; that way, they have a backup if your planner has an emergency or they get sick on your wedding day.

When booking a planner, you also want to ensure they are WPIC certified. This stands for Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, meaning that your planner has undergone training and met specific standards of excellence in the field. Check out this article on which breaks down more ways to make sure you are hiring a professional wedding planner.

What will a Wedding Planner do that I can’t?

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On your wedding day, Wedding Planners will manage all the logistics as well as handle any emergencies that pop up. This would be hard for you, as you will be spending the day getting ready to walk down the aisle. They are also able to help manage family dynamics for the day. Planners will be able to give you the best advice on how to manage any of these situations and will serve as your advocate to make sure you get your dream day.  Wedding planners are here to be your sounding board and ensure that your vision for the day is exactly what you want. If any emergencies pop up on your wedding day, or we need to pivot from an outdoor ceremony to an indoor one, they can quickly react and make sure nothing is missed without skipping a beat. Planners are always prepared for the unexpected!

Now that you have read all about why you need to hire a wedding planner, book a complimentary consultation with us today.  We would love to make your dream day a reality!