How to choose your

Winnipeg wedding venue

When we meet with Full Planning couples for the first time after their engagement, our first task is choosing a wedding day venue. But that is always easier said than done. There are many things to look for and consider when choosing your Winnipeg wedding venue. Today we’re going to cover a few key points to consider before you make decision. From capacity to style and budget there are a lot of things that need to be addressed before pulling the trigger.



Before even setting foot into a venue and falling in love with it, you need to make sure it can accommodate your guest list. When creating your guest list, make sure to include both sets of parents in the process. They may have some friends or family members they would like to include that you may not of considered. Guest lists can add up quickly, so make sure to have a realistic head count from the onset.

The style of the venue:

When meeting with our Full Planning clients we always talk design/decor before doing venue tours. It’s so important to work with your Winnipeg wedding venue and not against it. If you enjoy tons of greenery and the outdoors, then a tented venue or golf course is where you need to focus your attention. You will end up spending less on decor to get that natural vibe than if you go to a hotel. On the other hand if you enjoy grand rooms with extra tall ceilings, chandeliers and modern touches, a hotel, art gallery or restaurant space is where you need to focus. Whatever your preference make sure the space has your particular “must have” elements. Visit our Pinterest board for some beautiful venue options.

The budget

When choosing a Winnipeg wedding venue you need to be clear on what’s included and what costs extra. Are you being charged a room rental fee? Does the venue have minimum spending requirements? Do they charge more during peak season? Are the cost of bartenders included? Do they charge a cake cutting fee? Are you allowed to have a corkage bar? You need to know these things because all theses cost can derail the budget quickly and cause financial stress on the entire planning process.

The extras:

Are you having a band? a Photo Booth? An extra sweets table? A coffee cart? A lounge area? Those all take up square footage.  For example, if your guest list is 200 people, you would need a space that can accommodate more than that to fit all the extras we listed above. Make sure to mention this to the venue coordinator when you have your tour. They will be able to provide you with a floor plan and let you know if what you want to include is realistic in the space.

Work with a professional

Melanie Parent Events - Winnipeg event planner Winnipeg wedding venue

Choosing a wedding venue is a tough choice. Working with a professional planner who can guide you, provide an expert opinion and offer up suggestions and alternatives is so important. As a planner I always make sure that the venues I recommend align with my clients overall vision, needs and budget.

Working with someone who understands what weddings really cost is critical. It will allow you to make more educated decisions and feel confident in your final choices. If you want to learn more about working with us contact us for a free initial meeting.