What to include in a

wedding invitation?

Raw Influence AshleyNicole WM-211This lovely invitation suite was created by Lady Owl Design

Now that you have the venue and the date chosen, you must put together the invitations.

To send a “Save the Date” or not… that is the question?

Sending a Save the Date is a nice touch and a great way to utilize your engagement photos, but is it necessary? The answer is… it depends on your guest list. Do you have a lot of out of town guests? Are you getting married on a long weekend or during a busy time of year? Will certain guest require time off to attend? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, having a Save the Date is the way to go.

When inviting those who must make travel arrangements and potentially take time off work, providing notice is the right thing to do. We recommend sending a Save the Date approximately 4- 6 months prior to your wedding. If you find it too costly to send a Save the Date to your entire guest list, limit it to the guests who require travel arrangements only. It’s a win win!

The Invitation suite: what to include in a wedding invation?

It’s your wedding, so it’s entirely your choice! It’s also dependent on how much information you feel your guests need. Some invitations have all the information on one card, others have an elaborate 4-5 piece suite. There are many options, just ensure the following information is included:

  • The name(s) of the person hosting the wedding
  • You and your fiance’s name
  • The event (your wedding) and the date and time
  • Ceremony and reception location
  • The person/people who are invited to the wedding
  • When and how to RSVP

Option 1: The single invitation:what to include in a wedding invitation?

what to include in a wedding invitation

What we listed above is what you would include on a 1 piece  invitation. This option only works if your method of RSVP’ing is phone or email.  A one piece invitation is more casual and that’s the perfect way to set the tone if you’re having a more relaxed event.

Option 2: The 3 or 4 piece suite: What to include in a wedding invitation?

Your second option is to have a separate response card (RSVP) and optionally a separate reception card. The RSVP card is useful because it allows you to ask guests if they have any allergies or dietary restrictions. They can also indicate there meal choice if you offered them different options . Make sure to include a returned stamp envelope if you go this route. The reception card is a nice add on because it allows you to provide more details about the reception instead of just saying “reception and dance to follow”.

Option 3: the extra details: What to include in a wedding invitation?

what to include in a wedding invitation

You can go all out with your stationary by providing extra information such as:

  • Directions card: a map to the ceremony and venue location can be useful for those who aren’t familiar with the area.
  • Accommodation: Providing guests with hotel group rate is always encouraged. Include the group code and hotel information on this card.
  • Attractions: Adding tourist attractions in the area will allow guest to make the most out of there vacation.

Rule of thumb is to send out the invitation between 8 – 10 weeks in advance of the wedding date. With that being said, you need to account for the time it will take your stationer to design, proof and print your invitations as well. We recommend placing your order 3 – 4 months before your target mailing date.

Happy planning!