Things to Consider When Choosing Your

Wedding Vendors


Choosing wedding vendors might sound like an overwhelming decision for you and your partner to make, but it is important to learn what to look out for and what factors to consider when choosing your vendor team. Through research, budgeting, and availability, to location, and trusting your gut, choosing the right wedding vendors is essential for a stress-free day!

Types of Vendors
Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

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One of the first steps to consider is understanding which vendors you might want to be a part of your wedding day. Some examples include a wedding planner, photographer, videographer, hairstylist, makeup artist, florist, music, cake, caterer, officiant, rental company, transportation company, etc. Is that list already making you feel overwhelmed? Then consider hiring a wedding planner. As a planner, I can provide you with reputable vendor recommendations, offer your preferred vendor discounts and ensure your paying a fair value on the service you’re requesting. 


Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

It’s easy to want to choose the first wedding vendor you find when online searching, but sometimes just because it’s first, doesn’t mean it’s the right vendor for you. It’s important to keep certain aspects in mind, such as price, availability, and location to ensure that all your needs and wants are being met. Try browsing around on Instagram or other social media platforms to discover different vendor options. And when in doubt, ask another wedding professional for recommendations on who they enjoy working with. 

Create a budget

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When choosing vendors, break up your budget based on priorities. If decorations and flowers is on the top of your list, or maybe hiring your favorite band to play at your wedding is your dream, try working a bigger portion of the budget into those categories. Keeping in mind that the venue, food and alcohol will take up 47%-50% of the budget, make sure you plan accordingly. Pick your top three most important vendors and set a budget range that will cover your basic needs. Once you’ve covered what is necessary for the event, you can now splurge on those little extras!

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

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Ask your friends and family on their experiences with their vendor of choice. You may find they had a really good experience with one vendor but not the other. Every vendor offers different services that may or may not meet your standards. Always schedule a meeting with your vendor before making any decisions, they might share some insight on things you weren’t aware of. And always read reviews when possible!

Location and Availability,1,,,

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Ensuring your vendor is available on your date is one thing, but make sure you communicate the venue location as well. Some venues are logistically challenging and additional fees could apply. Also, consider the location and the mileage fees associated with an out-of-town venue. Those costs can add up quickly.


Trust Your Gut and Watch for Red Flags

Each wedding vendor may have different services to offer, but you may favor one vendor more than another. If you think you connect well with one vendor, it may be a safe bet to trust your gut and choose them. Look out for obvious red flags such as not responding to your emails or calls within a number of days, being disorganized, and having a negative outlook about your wedding day. 


There are so many things to consider when choosing your wedding vendors, and this is just basic advice, if you feel you need assistance and want further guidance on vendor selection we would love to help!