what to consider when choosing your Winnipeg Wedding Venue

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Choosing your Winnipeg wedding venue is one of the biggest factors of your wedding planning process. It’s your space to celebrate the marriage of you and your partner. When sourcing the perfect space you need to ask yourself; what do I want the space to feel like? Is the location important? Does it need to have a ceremony space on-site? What about capacity? Do they have vendor restrictions or allow outside catering?…. the list goes on. With a planner, you may find relief in the process as we work on covering your preferred date, location, style, catering, sticking to a budget and all the little details in between. But if you’re going to select the space on your own, here’s what to consider when choosing your Winnipeg Wedding Venue:



what to consider when choosing your Winnipeg Wedding Venue.

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A big portion of your wedding budget is usually spent on the venue. Ensuring that you are searching for venues in your price range is essential to prevent exceeding your budget and having room for other expenses. Make sure when you request a quote that you’re including all potential fees and add on’s to avoid surprise cost down the road. Here are some things to ask about:

  • Food – What is the additional cost to add a meal choice?
  • Bartenders cost: Is this additional or do you need to hit a minimum spend to have the bartender’s cost waived?
  • Liquor: Are we allowed to bring in our own liquor? What does the corkage fee include? Do you charge extra to have signature drinks? Learn more about different types of bars available here.
  • Are we allowed outside desserts and wedding cake? Do you have a cake-cutting fee?



what to consider when choosing your Winnipeg Wedding Venue.

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When booking a venue, it is important to check the venue availability as it can vary based on the season. The warmer months are usually more common, which may limit the number of dates available for you to choose from. Keep in mind that fees may be higher in the prime months vs. a winter date, maybe a winter wedding is worth considering so you can stretch the budget a little further. See if your preferred venue offers off discounts or special packages. Always consider what other events might be happening in the city on the date you hope to have. You don’t want to compete with a large event that your friends or family may usually attend. Think Canada day, Folk Fest etc. 


what to consider when choosing your Winnipeg Wedding Venue.

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Finding a venue in your dream location is always exciting. But make sure to check out multiple venues in the area of your choice to know all of your options. Some venues allow you to have a ceremony outside and the reception inside or vice versa. Meeting with the venue representative to take a tour of the venue is always helpful in your decision. Make sure you ask as many questions as possible, here is one list that we like to refer to when meeting with venues?



what to consider when choosing your Winnipeg Wedding Venue.

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Some venues may have different rules and restrictions on catering. Some allow outside food, some are exclusive and use a in house chef and others only allow a certain list of caterers that you are required to work with. If you have a catering service in mind that doesn’t meet the restrictions of the venue, you may need to consider choosing another venue or caterer…


One or two venues?

what to consider when choosing your Winnipeg Wedding Venue.

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Many couples decide to have multiple venues on their wedding day. One venue for the ceremony, and another for the reception, while others find it more convenient to have it all at one location. There is a wide variety of venue options to choose from,  including churches, hotels, banquet hall, farm/barn, park/garden, golf course, and restaurants. Whatever you decide make sure you consider the following:

  • Are you providing guest transportation to and from both locations or will guests have to drive themselves? Will parking be an issue?
  • If you have multiple locations will you have a large gap between the ceremony and reception?
  • If you want the decor to be transfered from ceremony to reception, who will take this on, will they have enough time for treardown at the ceremony and set up at the reception prior to guests arriving?



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Finding a venue that will hold the number of people you would like at your wedding is crucial. Just because a venue can hold 200 people, doesn’t mean it should. It is important that you and your guests are comfortable and the area is spacious.  You also need to consider what else needs to fit in the room, for example:

  • Are you having a band?
  • Do you want your guest book table and dessert table in the room?
  • You need more space if you don’t want tables on the dance floor
  • You need to allocate space for the bar if it’s not in a separate room/location
  • What about lounge seating?
  • Are you having a photo booth


Facility Extras

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The last detail to consider when choosing your Winnipeg wedding venue is facility extras. This may include parking, AV equipment, chairs, tables, linens, etc. Every venue varies on what’s included in the “base price” vs. what’s extra. Make sure your clear on these as costs can add up quickly. 

These tips are some of the big details on what to consider when choosing your Winnipeg Wedding Venue, but many other factors come into play. If you aren’t sure you know what to ask or what to look out for, we can assist. Connect with us for a planning package or a consultation.