Venue Coordinator vs.

Wedding Planner

Melanie Parent Events

When planning your wedding it’s extremely important you understand the difference between a  Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner. As a planner I see clients misconstrue the role of the Venue Coordinator (also referred to as: Event Manger, or in house planner ) far too often.

Although we compliment each other very well, a Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Planner play very different roles in the planning and psychical execution of the wedding day. Your Venue Coordinator is the expert regarding the venue. They will be able to tell you information about their facility, it’s policies, cost, menu, setup and restrictions. They will be there for you to answer venue related questions, setup a menu tasting and arrange when vendors can deliver and setup based on when other events are taking place on the wedding day. Which is all necessary and helpful. However, Venue Coordinators don’t actually coordinate things happening outside the venue.

As the planner, this is where I come in and help with EVERYTHING else. As a planner I have spent years building relationships and learning the ins and outs of what vendors in the industry have to offer. I will be the one to assist you with the overall budget, vendor sourcing and referrals, scheduling and attending vendor meetings. I will help with your invitations, room layout, seating charts and decor. I will also help with style and design and everything in between including, lighting, entertainment and transportation just to name a few. I will be the one to create an overall timeline to ensure everyone involved in your wedding knows the “what, where, when, how” of there role. I will be present on the day itself from start to finish to ensure your expectations and vision is met and to support you, your families and vendors.

When you work with a Wedding Planner you are guaranteed that I am the one who will be present on your wedding day! When working with Venue Coordinators you need to know that the person you communicate with for the entire year leading up to the big day may not even be present at your event. Many venues have “event planning staff” (your Venue Coordinator and “banquet staff” (the banquet staff present at your event). It scary to think that your trusting your event to people whom may have never met! Yikes!

I hope this post will help you realize the difference between a Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner and you will consider sitting down with me to see exactly how I can help. All my initial meetings are complimentary. I look forward to hearing from you, happy planning!