What to pack in your wedding

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In the final week before your wedding, your head will be in a million places – (of course if you’re working with a planner you won’t be feeling this stress, wink wink). Between nail appointments, getting a spray tan, visiting with family and friends who are in from out of town and ensuring all your decor and vendors are ready to go, you might overlook some key necessities when it comes to what to pack in your wedding overnight bag. Not to worry, we’ve done the thinking for you! If you’re heading to the hotel the night before your wedding, here’s what you’re going to need:

  • PJ’s
  • Toothbrush
  • Hairbrush
  • Your usual skincare/haircare routine items (face wash, lotions, sunscreen, shampoos,)
  • Deodorant
  • Extra clothes for the day after
  • Phone charger
What to pack in your wedding overnight bag

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Wedding Day:

  • Robe or getting ready outfit – here are some cute ideas if you aren’t sure what to get!
  • Bridal undergarments
  • Perfume and lipstick (you will want your own lipstick for touch-ups throughout the day)
  • Dress steamer – Contact the hotel and see if they have one available
  • Make sure to pre-order room service (snacks, bottled water, champagne etc.)
  • Wedding attire: Dress, shoes, jewelry, veil, garter,
  • Wedding bands
  • Flats
  • A Bluetooth speaker to get the tunes going – Want to make sure you have all your wedding songs – Check out our wedding day music checklist
  • Wedding party gifts
  • Letter or gift to your future spouse
What to pack in your wedding overnight bag

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If you don’t have a wedding planner you will need to add the following:

  • Your wedding day timeline
  • Final payments or tips for your vendors
  • Your wedding day Emergency Kit
  • Your vows and marriage license – This should be handed off to your officiant at the rehearsal
  • A copy of your wedding invitation for your photographer to use for flat lays
  • All your wedding decor…. that’s another checklist for another time!
What to pack in your wedding overnight bag

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Now that you know what to pack in your wedding overnight bag, stay tuned for our decor packing checklist coming out soon!!!