Why Hire a Wedding Planner:

Part One

Why hire a wedding planner?


Let me tell you a few reasons why it’s worth working with a professional!

Working with a planner is a must! There are so many detailed logistics we take on pre-wedding and on the day of! I could go on about why hire a wedding planner for ever, but I’m just going to round up a few key points in part one of our post… stay tuned for part two.

We take on the logistics: Why hire a wedding planner? This could be one of the biggest reasons! It’s great to have everything planned, but who is going to make sure it’s executed to your specifications while your not around or occupied with guests? (and just enjoying yourself!). We will! We are present at your Rehearsal, Ceremony and Reception to oversee that the venue and vendors are working hard and getting everything done on time.

We look after all the little details: Now that everything is set and ready for execution, who is going to set it up? Your decorator will setup items you rented from them, your florist will arrange any bouquet or arrangements you bought through them… but what about all your personal pieces? What about favours? Or menu cards? Or your Guestbook? Just to name a few…   You don’t want family and friends working on your wedding day. Leave that to us, we will look after all those details!

We make sure everyone is looked after: Yes, you hired a planner to plan and work with vendors, but we work with guests too! We want to make sure everyone is well taken care of. We’re always making rounds at your wedding to make sure everyone has what they need to enjoy the ultimate guest experience.

We act as the liaison between you and… everyone: There are many reasons to hire a wedding planner, but this one is at the top of the list!  We work closely with your caterer to ensure a smooth dinner service. We talk with your DJ to ensure the songs are cued at the right time and we ensure the next person up for speeches is ready to go! We’re always one step ahead so that you can sit back and relax.

We don’t let stress get in the way: As a planner we are always on our toes. Sometimes we’re thrown into unexpected situations but believe it or not were ready for it! We have the knowledge and experience to deal with unforeseen issues all while keeping a professional and positive attitude.

Remember good vendors book up quickly, and wedding planners are no different. We are currently booking for the 2021-2022 wedding season!  If your interested to find out if we’re a good fit let’s get together and chat. All initial meetings are complimentary.