To first look or not to first look…. THAT is the question

First look

Photo by Josh Dookie

Many brides and grooms go back and forth debating the common question of wanting first-look wedding photos before the ceremony or whether they should wait to see each other as the bride comes down the aisle. Neither decision is right or wrong, but choosing what’s best for you and your spouse is important to determine before your big day. Today will discuss the pros and cons to aid you in making the right decision for you!

Pro #1: Saving Time

If socializing with your guests and enjoying cocktail hour is important to you, then having your first look photographed before the ceremony might be the right decision. This allows for more time to enjoy catching up with all your guests. Plus you can enjoy that signature drink you worked tirelessly to curate knowing you already had an intimate moment taking photos earlier in the day. 

Con #1: Goes against the tradition

first look

Photo by Ariana Tennyson

If you’re traditional, it’s more than okay to skip the first look and allow the groom to see his bride walking down the aisle. A magical moment for many! This just means you only have the cocktail hour for couple and group photos. It’s a tighter timeline so make sure to discuss this with your wedding planner and photographer. Sneaking away for sunset photos will also give you more time to get all those great shots. 


Pro #2: Gets rid of the nerves

first look

Photo by Luxe Images by Jill

If you are anticipating the wedding day and feeling nervous to have all those eyes on you walking down the aisle; anxiously wishing you didn’t have to be the center of attention, the first look might make a great option for you. This allows you to have peace of mind that your significant other will be there for you to calm those nerves. As a couple, you can focus on the importance of the ceremony and capture the intimacy beforehand. 


Con #2: Your day will start earlier

Photo by Cojo Photo

Taking pictures before the ceremony to capture your first look means your day will need to start earlier. You need to allow time for hair and makeup for yourself and your wedding party, a chance to grab a bite as you have a long day ahead, and a minute to catch your breath and enjoy the moment. Starting early does allow for more relaxation and gives you a chance to get all the photos you want…. so it might not really be a con after all! Here are tips on how to organize your morning and stay on time.


Still not convinced? What about a ‘first touch’ holding hands with your partner around a corner or doing a first look with someone else important in your life, like your dad might be a good alternative. Whatever decision you decide on, your day will be special and memorable regardless of the decision. Here are some cute ideas for planning your first look!