Do’s and don’ts

What to include in your wedding website

What to include in a wedding website- Melanie Parent Events

When creating your wedding website we all fuss over what template layout will look best, or which engagement photos to use.  The truth is none of that matters if we don’t convey the proper information within the site. Yes all the pretty stuff is nice, but keep in mind that’s more for you than for your guests.

 The whole point of a wedding website is to convey the necessary details and important facts of the day. Nothing more, nothing less! Don’t over think this.  Creating a wedding website is simple when you know what to include. Allow us to guide you through the process!

Wedding website DO’s

Your website serves as a 2nd (detailed) invitation

The goal of the wedding website is to include information and details that are in addition to the wedding invitation. For example, think of the location, on the invitation you will write the name of the venue, but on the wedding website you will include:

  • The name of the venue
  • The full mailing address
  • A detailed map and directions
  • You may also include near by accommodations or a group reservation code for guests to use
Details, details, details….details!

Your invitation might read “Ceremony at 4:00pm, cocktail and reception to follow”. This is perfect, it’s clean and simple. However, here are few additional details that you need to inform your guests on (if applicable):

  • Is the ceremony standing room only? Let your guests know. This allows them to make a more informed decision on what footwear to choose.
  • Are you having a cash bar?  Make sure to indicate this on your website. No one likes to be surprised that they need additional cash and that the venue has no ATM on site.
  • Are you providing transportation? Let them know the pick up time and location (make sure to also include the return time).

The more informed your guests are the better time they will have. This will also reduce the amount questions you receive leading up to the day. If anyone ask’s, direct them to the site!

Play tour guide

 What to include in a wedding website - Melanie Parent Events

If you’ve been to a destination wedding or visited friends and family in a new city, you know how nice it is to have a “tour guide” show you around. We understand you won’t have time to personally show everyone around, so allow your wedding website to act as the guide. Make sure to include features such as:

  • Where to eat
  • Best shopping locations
  • Museum or sight seeing ideas
  • Iconic city destinations

Keep it short and sweet.  This at least provides guests with a starting point and gives them a bit of insight on what you like to do in your own city as well.

Wedding website DON’TS

Including wedding weekend events that aren’t all inclusive

Now a day’s, it is very common for couples to have an “out of town welcome party” or a “Goodbye brunch”. Remember, since this is for out of town guests only you might offend others. We encourage you to create a separate website or a personal email to send to those guests specifically. This way you avoid any family drama.

Demanding a certain a wardrobe attire

What to include in a wedding website - Melanie Parent Events

We are all for a dress code but, in the end it’s really up to each individual to determine what they want (or can afford) to wear. You have to be mindful not everyone owns a tuxedo, after all. We suggest keeping your wording light and none controlling. If your having a tent wedding you might indicate something along the lines of: “Please be mindful the wedding will be taking place on the grass, so we suggest comfortable footwear and casual attire.” If your having a more formal event you may want to say: “Formal attire and black tie optional”. It allows guests to decide for themselves what they are comfortable wearing.

Including a “Go fund me” link

We’re all aware weddings don’t come cheap! But having the lavish event is your choice, which means asking guests to contribute to the day (or for the honeymoon) is not ok. These “Go fund me” pages we’re made to help support those in need and with a cause…. let’s leave it that way.

With the increased popularity in couples creating a wedding website, we hope this will help guide you in the right direction.  However, if you feel you need more assistance you can always reach out to us for a consultation. That might be all you need to get back on track and feel confident no details have been overlooked.