How to write a killer speech – Maid of honour

How to write a killer speech Maid of hnour How exciting, your best friend is getting married and she has chosen you to be her maid of honour! You feel truly special having received the title but now it dawns on you... this comes with a big responsibility... THE SPEECH. . The bride chose you for the [...]

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You got engaged! Now what? part one

You got engaged! Now what? Part one If your reading this post you may be one of the lucky ones who recently got engaged.  Congratulations! Or perhaps you know it's coming up soon and your being proactive (staying ahead of the game, I like it!). Either way, this post will provide all couples with valuable information. [...]

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Floral Tips

  When it comes to floral arrangements, most of us can look at photos and point out flowers we like, but none of us really know floral details. What are those flowers called? Are they in season? Are they expensive? Does that one flower come in several colours or versions? How much should I allow [...]

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Colour trends

Colour trends Everyone has their favorite colours, but how do you make a colour palette out of it? Well not to worry, in 2015 we're throwing caution to the wind! Check out these unique and truly beautiful colour trends and combinations. What your about to see will give you reassurance that you truly can go [...]

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The Bridal Shower

Your engaged, you've started planning the wedding,and now comes the bridal shower in your honour. Although your wedding party generally takes on the role  of "lead planners" many brides and bridal party question the do and don'ts of the Bridal Shower. Today were going answer some of these daunting questions so you feel more prepared [...]

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